A Tribe Called Bliss

Break Through Superficial Friendships,
Create Real Connections,
Reach Your Highest Potential

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The benefits of a having a tribe are undeniable. Women with strong social circles are living longer, happier, and healthier lives compared to those who lack connections. Today, we live in an über-connected era, in which anyone is able to make thousands of friends with the swipe of a finger—yet the way we are connecting leaves us feeling mistrustful of women, jealous, disempowered, fearful, misunderstood, and ultimately defeated. We are often left believing that success is a solo, isolating endeavor or, worse, that it is reserved only for the ruthless, physically blessed, or self-absorbed.

Inspired by Lori’s own journey through loss, loneliness, and disconnection and her fears of remaining an outsider and of never reaching her dreams, A Tribe Called Bliss details how Lori shed unfulfilling, surface-level friendships and discovered her untapped potential. Step by step, she lights the way to show you how you can achieve deep, meaningful relationships that accelerate and support your highest potential, while providing the tools to ensure unshakable faith in yourself and your journey.

A Tribe Called Bliss is the way to lock in lasting, positive change and connect you to your soul’s calling once and for all. This practical, timely book is for everyone seeking to discover her authentic calling, release her fears, and reach her next level. Lori provides the tools and contextual self-work exercises to develop the self-awareness and mindfulness that is the key to a lifetime of blissful happiness.

Come join Lori Harder and embrace a new way of being, belonging, and building community by forming your own tribe . . . A Tribe Called Bliss.

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Tribe Called Bliss

I am so excited to lead this huge group and book club in the reading of A Tribe Called Bliss! Over the next several weeks, we’re going to share various prompts, trainings, and tools in the A Tribe Called Bliss Facebook group that coincide with lessons and activities in the book. So if you’re not in the Facebook group yet, get in there with your tribe and introduce yourselves!

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