975. 1 Small Way To Help You Operate As Your Best Self

With all the traveling and events that I’ve had going on lately, my healthy routines and habits have fallen to the wayside. Instead of sitting in that discomfort, I decided to challenge myself to a week without sugar, which has given me the reset that I need to get back on track and finish this year super strong. 

This experience has reinforced the idea for me that if you aren’t hitting your goals, it’s most likely because you’re not getting your mindset and health to that level first. DM me something that you’re going to do for the next week or month that’s going to help you find your next gear一let’s hold each other accountable! 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(1:02) Text DAILY to 310-496-8363 for daily manifesting affirmations and journal prompts. 

(2:07) Today’s episode is about finding your next gear and identifying what’s holding you back from leveling up. 

(5:27) Lori talks about how to set up challenges for yourself to prove to yourself that you can do hard things. 

(8:20) Lori stresses the importance of doing things one step at a time and avoid getting overwhelmed by your to-do list. 

(11:52) Lori suggests ways that listeners can create challenges for themselves and find accountability partners.