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Episode 153: Hacks for a Better Body, Sharper Brain, and More Willpower with Dave Asprey – Founder of Bulletproof Coffee

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Episode 115: Get Out From Under The GRIP of Your NEGATIVE STORIES

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Episode 163: How to be a Successful Couple with Chris Harder

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1002. How To Get Comfortable With Uncertainty

People with the strongest connections and friendships tend to take bigger risks because they know that they have a supportive safety net to fall back on. I’ve realized that the …

1001. Key Takeaways From The Most Impactful Mastermind

We always like to start off January with an event that gets us inspired to make powerful business moves in the new year, and this year’s mastermind did exactly that. …

1000. Making Intentional Progress With Best-Selling Author Tanya Dalton

Tanya Dalton is back on the show to talk about how to actively choose to live with intention and a higher purpose. If you missed our first episode together, Tanya …

999. Are You Upper Limiting Yourself?

One of the most impactful books I’ve ever read is Gay Hendricks’ The Big Leap. I find it  helpful to revisit it in mid-January because it reminds me of this …

998. Leave Your Team Better Than You Found Them

Chris and I received an amazing text the other day from a former employee and it just confirms for us that next-level leadership is about leaving the people that work …

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