936. 1 Thing You Can Do Every Week To Build Your Confidence

In today’s quickie, I am reminding you that the only way to build your confidence is to challenge yourself and keep those promises you made to yourself. 

Where you are right now, in your life, are you lacking confidence? Can you look back at your past week and notice where maybe you haven't shown up for yourself? You haven't done the things that you said you were going to do?

I want to share my trick for taking this in small steps and remind you that all that matters is that you are showing up.


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:46) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

(3:51) Lori says, “That is one of the first times that I remember realizing that I could rely on myself to show up to the hard things”.

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(7:27) Lori gives her tip for a small first step in showing up for herself.

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