1143. The 12 Traits Of Successful People

Whether you love setting New Year goals or find them overwhelming, I've got some tips to prepare you for the upcoming year. In this episode, I'm diving into the top 12 traits that successful people have and how you can apply them to your personal growth journey. I also share some of my real-life success stories (and challenges) with implementing these traits into my routines. I'm so excited for the upcoming year, and I want you to feel the same about the massive growth waiting for you in 2024! 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:30) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(2:07) #1 Lori shares tips for being goal oriented. 

(3:44) #2 Lori explains how to be more resilient. 

(5:34) #3 Lori encourages listeners to have more self-discipline. 

(8:07) #4 Lori highlights the importance of continuous learning. 

(9:45) #5 Lori discusses the definition of adaptability. 

(11:18) #6 Lori shares why listeners need to show initiative. 

(13:07) #7 Lori gives advice for communicating successfully. 

(15:13) #8 Lori explains why she will be focusing more on time management in the new year. 

(16:16) #9 Lori wants listeners to prioritize having a positive mindset. 

(17:33)  #10 Lori talks about how to uplevel networking and relationship building.

(19:09) #11 Lori highlights integrity and making ethical choices. 

(20:56) #12 Lori emphasizes the importance of passion and drive.