835. 3 Tips For Entrepreneurs In 2022 with Alli Webb & Jessica Zweig

Today, I’m joined by Founder of Drybar Alli Webb and personal branding expert Jessica Zweig! Alli and Jessica are hosting a weekend-long mastermind called IMPACT series that’s exclusively designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to create momentum in their business, align to their most authentic selves, and build their tribe. In today’s episode, they share details about the event and what people can expect to work on in this upcoming mastermind taking place February 4th – 6th. 

Alli and Jessica also share 3 BIG things that entrepreneurs need to hone in on this year in 2022. Here are some hints: clarity, confidence and investing. Tune in to hear more of our conversation and learn about how you can get involved with the IMPACT series!




Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 2:25 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 3:25 ) Lori asks Alli why they created the IMPACT series. 

( 5:20 ) Alli explains how attendees will learn from industry leaders and other entrepreneurs at the event. 

( 7.05 ) Lori asks Jessica what's the number one thing that entrepreneurs need to know for 2022. 

( 7:34 ) Jessica says, “your story has to be so razor sharp, you have to have a very crystal clear narrative that cuts through all of that noise.”

( 8:43 ) Jessica talks about the importance of strategy and structure. 

( 10:36 ) Alli says that attendees will get to the root cause of their struggles at the IMPACT series. 

( 12:03 ) Alli talks about the third most important thing for 2022: confidence. 

( 14:33 ) Jessica shares her experience with Dry Bar in the early days. 

( 16:33 ) Alli discusses how she hired Jessica to help with branding. 

( 18:55 ) Lori encourages listeners to get in the rooms that scare them and grow. 

( 20:19 ) Alli explains who the IMPACT series is for and how to sign up. 

( 22:29) Lori asks listeners to tag @jessicazweig and @alliwebb on Instagram and let them know about their biggest takeaways, and DM questions about the IMPACT series.