967. The 6 Steps To Achieve Financial Freedom With Candy Valentino

My friend Candy Valentino is back on the show to discuss three ordinary steps to achieve extraordinary financial freedom. For more than two decades, Candy has built, scaled, and exited businesses in service and retail all while building wealth through real estate investing. In our conversation, she breaks down her simple, yet effective approach to earning, saving, and giving your way to wealth. 

We get into how she expanded her risk tolerance, what it looks like to call in more ease and flow into your business, and tangible ways to create sustainable success. Candy also highlights what you can expect from her new book Wealth Habits and an exciting event for anyone who wants to learn more about investing, what you do with your money, and how to build a business. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(1:07) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Candy Valentino. 

(3:55) Lori asks Candy, “What was your first endeavor?”

(6:43) Lori asks Candy, “You said that you knew you would be great. What do you think that came from?”

(9:14) Lori asks Candy, “How did you expand your risk tolerance to be able to hold everything that comes with something that's new, and not knowing?” 

(12:23) Lori asks Candy, “To somebody listening who is making everything hard or sitting in the resistance, how have you flipped that perspective of how you look at all the work that comes with it?”

(14:17) Lori shouts out one of today’s sponsors, Indeed. 

(16:26) Lori asks Candy, “Tell me about a pattern or a belief that you had to completely change in order to become the woman that you are today.”

(20:41) Lori asks Candy, “Are there things ​​that you've pinpointed even from your childhood that you've kind of had to heal and get through?

(24:33) Lori talks about another one of today’s sponsors, OUAI. 

(26:28 ) Lori asks Candy, “What are some of the things that people are carrying that you find are taking up the most bandwidth and causing them to not have energy or space?”

(30:19) Lori asks Candy, “What are some of the things and signs that you look for in businesses to know that it's time to pivot in order to be more sustainable in business?”

(34:12) Lori asks Candy, “For earning your way there, are there other points that you want to share on that?”

(36:34) Lori asks Candy, “Let's talk about giving your way to more wealth.”

(42:20) Lori asks Candy, “So what are you doing for people who go and preorder your book right now?”

(44:54) Lori is going to send a signed copy of Wealth Habits to the first 10 people who tag @candyvalentino and @loriharder and include the book link in their Instagram stories!