981. 6 Thoughts That Will Transform Your Life

Recently I had an experience that opened my eyes to the results I want to be getting from my life. The big lesson and the big takeaway left me wishing I would have paused and reacted slower. And, as always, the most valuable lessons are usually the most painful. I learned that before I say “yes” to things, I really have to think about how intentional I want to get this coming year. 

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(0:18) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

(0:54) Lori shares a review from a listener.

(2:09) Text DAILY to 310-496-8363 for daily manifesting affirmations and journal prompts. 

(2:16) Lori says, “I had an experience recently that really opened my eyes to getting the results that I want in life”

(4:55) Lori shares her script for responding to requests, which gives her the time to think if she actually wants to do it or not.

(5:54) Lori shares a meme she saw recently – Five Truths That Changed My Life. 

(9:23) Lori says, “No response is still an amazing response.”