Negativity Cleanse

Join Us for A 7 Day Negativity Cleanse!

It's SIMPLE! Join us now for our 7-Day Negativity Cleanse, and see just how freakishly happy and free you can feel just by becoming aware of your surroundings (what you say, do and listen to)!

We all hear about how being positive is good for you, but let’s really put this to the test – TOGETHER! You no longer need to make excuses for why you’re avoiding something negative out of fear that your friends will reject you… You are on a 7-Day Negativity Cleanse! #trendyright? And guess what? If you love how RADICAL you feel, you can keep it going. It's high time that you do you my friend, and this is your perfect excuse.

Here's how it works:

First, in order to truly rid yourself of the effects of those nasty little negatives, you’ll need to check in with the following four major areas:

1.) Cleanse your THOUGHTS.

This means no complaining, no blaming and no justifying. NONE. ZILCHO. If you catch yourself mid-sentence, just laugh and say, “Whoops, I'm on a negativity cleanse, and I took a vow.” Whatever other negative thoughts come up, take a second, recognize them, release judgment, bless them and let them pass. Just don't dwell or let them take roots! Remember, we’re only human and they’ll always come knockin’ on your door, but that doesn't mean you have to invite them to move in with you.

These thoughts also include judgment of yourself, your body and others – even traffic! Even the simplest of stresses and negative thoughts can cause your cortisol to spike, and guess what? Spiking your cortisol is like going to war with your own body. Every negative thought notifies your brain to send out chemicals that can harm your cells. When cortisol is high, your body struggles to burn fat, energy is lowered and your fuse is shortened… YUP, I did it. I went straight for the pain point – VANITY. We’re all guilty of it at one point or another. It's all good, baby – this helped me stop my negative thoughts, too. If it doesn't feel good to think it, chances are it's bad for you. Talk to yourself and others like you would your best friend. Let LOVE and GRATITUDE replace these addictive thoughts. Without these two things, there is no joy.

You get what you focus on, so stop feeding on the things that make you unhappy. If looking in the mirror makes you unhappy right now, say “I love you” to yourself when the thought pops in and walk away. Then, in other cases like this, start saying your gratitude list out loud immediately. Being grateful attracts more to be grateful for.

If you’re having trouble with this one, grab your journal and write, or make a list in your head of 100 things you’re grateful for. Don't stop until you hit 100. I bet you’ll feel better by No. 10! Still stumped? Sometimes I have to start with things as simple as oatmeal, the sun, my legs and arms.

2.) Cleanse your FRIENDS.

Really, this can be anyone you are spending time with. I don't mean never see them again, but just really take inventory of who makes you feel good and who doesn't. C'mon ya'll, I've been guilty of hanging in groups that made me feel like I needed a shower afterward from all the “dirt” we used to dish – no bueno. If you feel bad after you’re with them, you need to limit your time as much as possible. If your words were boomerangs, would you like what was coming back around? Always remember this. It's energy, my friend. You can't get those words back. If you notice a major feeling of peace from this particular cleanse action, it may be time to start changing your circle. I love this quote:

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Amen, E-Roose. Amen.

3.) Cleanse your ENTERTAINMENT.

What are you reading, surfing on the web, digesting in the news, watching on TV, listening to etc.? This ALL matters. We are simply a product of our surroundings and what our minds are downloading. Don't think so? Try taking a one-week break from anything that doesn't resemble rainbows and goodness – just to see if you start seeing the good in everything around you instead of the drama and sadness. (There's plenty of that – one week away won’t hurt you.) If this makes you feel amazing, it’s your choice what comes back. I like being aware of current events, and then stepping back. I briefly read headlines once or twice a week, but leave the rest unless I've taken a sincere interest in changing it. Being helpless or spreading fear is not why I’m here… Try picking up a great book, going for a walk or booking a class whenever you’re tempted to dive back into reality TV or a violent/drama flick. If all else fails, call your mom – she's waiting to hear from you.

4.) Cleanse your SPACE.

Since you've cleared a bit of extra time this week after cleansing so many areas, let’s talk about your space. Fair warning, this is a tough one for most. If you keep a lot of junk (sorry, I meant stuff)… If you keep a lot of “stuff” in your spaces (on your desk, in your purse, in your closet, in your drawers, in your car), chances are you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed. The more you can clear, toss and give away, the more you make room for in your life. Give it a try. This worked so well for me that I now go through my spaces monthly, and do a purge of whatever I’m not using or is pulling at me because I'm not using it. Pure freedom. Just to really hit home to my friends who like to buy stuff, you can't make room for Jimmy Choo if your closet is busting at the seams with Payless shoes you don't remember you have. Whatever your weak spot, you get my point.

Here's some tips to help you from cheating on your cleanse:

Make playlists: One that rocks your world, one that soothes, and one that inspires.

Get a book ready: I love Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein.

Make plans: Book a class or a lunch with someone who you know is HAPPY. Even if this person is not someone you’re comfortable with, you may find they can add a ton of value to your life, and you just might love what comes out of it.

Make exercise an unbreakable appointment: If this is new to you, I'm not even asking you to really exert yourself here. I'm just saying go for a walk. Walking, and moving of any sort, changes your mood, elevates your thoughts, gets creativity going, and helps with anxiety and stress. Best of all, it changes your perspective. I go for walks whenever there is something I need to work out or get over. This clears any other crazy ideas I was latching onto it, and let’s me see it for what it is. We can get past anything.

Pray: Maybe you're not into this, so take what you like and leave the rest. I am, so here you go! Say a prayer and ask for strength to stop the habits that are making you feel bad. It's as simple as that. Don't think you have to do this all by yourself. Ask whatever higher power you believe in, and let it go.

Here's why it's important:

When we come at every situation from a place of compassion and love, instead of falling back into the same destructive pitfalls (numbing out with food, drinking, self-loathing, gossip, drama, controlling, blaming, justifying, victimizing etc.), we are consciously choosing to stop digging deeper into that dark hole that causes us, and those around us, pain. Instead, we’re making choices that LOVE US BACK, choices that empower and choices that lift all of those that we come in contact with.

When you make a public proclamation to the Universe and people in your life, you’re proving that you mean business. It's how the biggest shifts begin. Listen, it's one thing to say you WANT to change, but it's an entirely different vibration when you DECIDE, and then take ACTION. Basically, this proclamation is like shining a big Batman signal at your obstacles, and warning them to get the @#%$ out of your way because you’re going to plow through them.

Here are some options on how to start your cleanse, make your personal proclamation and spread the LOVE:

1. Take a picture of your new replacement habit (or write it out on a piece of paper).
Then hash-tag #negativitycleanse and #(fill in the blank)instead. See picture for example. #runninginstead #negativitycleanse

2. Take a pic of something you love doing, whether it's yoga, painting, dancing, a day at the beach, playing with your kids, hash-tag #negativitycleanse on this pic and feel free to talk about what you’re doing or why it makes you happy!

Let’s start a movement! Bringing love and awareness is key, and the more you share, the more people will join in on the cleanse – and that means a happier, healthier planet! We will be tweeting, regramming and posting our favorites on the site and social media! We have the power to walk away from the crap. Less negative means more positive, and that just plain rocks! Not to mention that it will also elevate your entire life, mood, opportunities and the number of people you’ll start attracting!

Do you know someone who needs to take the cleanse? Forward this message on, and let’s start a movement! I can't wait to cleanse with you and hear about all of the awesomeness created from creating this clearing!

Are you cleansing today?

Much Love!

Lori Harder

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