7 Tips To Weather The Storm

Have you ever had one of those days?  The kind where you feel like you ran your head into a wall and wish you could move to a deserted island where you pick coconuts for a living and the only person you talk to is a volleyball?

What do you do to stay centered, to remember what you’re truly about, and why you started out on this path you chose in the first place?

For me, although I have a very sunny disposition, there are times I get hit by an unforeseen storm.  No matter how beautiful of a place we have set ourselves up to live in our minds, we can only control so much.  With that being said, the only thing we have control over is battening down the hatches and riding out the storm, or in these cases, how we react.

I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect, so clearly my first reaction to moments of serious stress is tears, anger, bouts of hysteria and manic phone calls to loved ones so they can sympathize with me.  Am I right?  Once I realized that route was only sending me and the poor soul on the other line into a tizzy, I try a new plan that can actually fix the problem.

Since I know that no “outside” guy can do an “inside” job, I have to stop and take a moment of reflection when stress hits.  Now, I’m not trying to get all crazy on you but the truth is that nobody knows you and your intentions but you, and at the end of the day the only thing that matters is if you are okay with how you reacted, and also if it fit in with your belief system, whatever that may be.

In moments like these the majority of the population runs, hides, creates drama or turns to food or drink.  All of these sound like great choices if your willing to gain weight, be depressed, create a bigger problem and go nowhere fast.  This leads me to option B.  Time to put my big girl pants on grow some thicker skin.  Take a while, think it thru, then suck it up and get it together woman!  Everyone is dealing with big issues in one way or another and we are lucky just be alive.

Whatever form your “El Nino” takes I have a few things to try to remember.  Your problem feels bigger than it really is at that moment.  Sometimes all it takes is some good rest and exercise to clarify an issue.  Don’t over dramatize the situation because it could ALWAYS be worse.  Try not to bring others into it unless you have to, and even then don’t beat a dead horse.  You are strong and can handle more than you think (and then some).  The best lessons I have ever learned have come from what seemed to be the devastating moments of my life.

Life works in mysterious ways.  Be true to yourself and let go of any resentment, stress or fear and practice forgiveness of others and yourself.  There are no highs without the lows.  Have faith in yourself and don’t let any moment of stress rob you of living the life you deserve.  Clean it up as quick as you can and move on to the good stuff.  Happiness is seeing past the stresses and knowing we choose our battles.


Here is to a “healthy” stress free spirit,