991. Brendon Burchard’s #1 Piece of Advice to Accelerate Your Growth in 2023

Brendon Burchard is the world’s leading coach for high-performers and founder of GrowthDay, the first fully-integrated personal development app. He is also a bestselling author and skilled public speaker. In our conversation, we touch on how he’s developed the courage and confidence to get on stage in front of 30,000+ people. 

We dive into topics like progressive development, how to rediscover your passion, and the fastest way to accelerate your growth. Brendon also shares the story behind why he started GrowthDay and highlights some of the amazing features on the app like habit tracking, community building, and education.


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(0:26) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Brendon Buchard. 

(4:53) Lori asks Brendon, “What makes you nervous?”

(10:45) Lori asks Brendon, “How are you able to be so free up on stage?”

(18:56) Lori asks Brendon, “How do you keep that excitement in your daily life?”

(23:41) Lori asks Brendon, “What do you generate motivation for yourself?”

(31:47) Lori asks Brendon, “What's the first thing that you start with when somebody is feeling worn out?”

(39:06) Lori asks Brendon, “How much community do you have in your life and what does that actually look like?”

(42:50) Lori asks Brendon, “When you work with high performers, is it the same conversation? Are they dealing with the same exact thing when they're trying to break through to something new?” 

(47:15) Lori asks Brendon, “I want to know just a little bit about why you created this app and then tell us about it.”

(53:16) Lori asks Brendon, “Is there anything else that you want to leave with people?”