1102. Unleash Your Inner Money Queen with Bridgette Boucha

I used to get so stressed out when handling the financial side of my business. But then, Bridgette Boucha walked into my life! Bridgette is an amazing speaker, writer, and fractional CFO who has helped hundreds of business owners gain confidence in managing their money. Her brand new book, “Money Queen,” is available NOW, and it's the perfect guide if you want to achieve financial success while still living a fulfilling life. 

In our conversation, Bridgette unpacks the 4 R's of her game-changing Money Queen Model: Rainbow, Revenue, Resources, and Rituals. These principles will help you identify and shift any negative thoughts, patterns, or beliefs about money that could be holding you back. She shares tips on using your community to make smart financial decisions, clarifying your zone of genius, and deciding the best places to invest your time and energy. She believes money is a tool for positive change, and you should never feel guilty about earning it. This conversation is jam-packed with wisdom – you might have to listen to it more than once!



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(2:39) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(4:32) Lori asks Bridgette, “What is your book called, and why did you write it?” 

(6:52)  Lori asks Bridgette, “What do you feel is the difference between managing your own money and managing others? What would you say energetically was the biggest shift? 

(12:05) Lori asks Bridgette, “How have you helped entrepreneurs make decisions but also sit in that unknown?”

(15:20) Lori asks Bridgette, “How do you start setting these metrics and expectations when you don't even know where to start with certainty?”

(18:01) Lori asks Bridgette, “How do you help people know where their time and energy is best spent and where they are clogging up their business?”

(23:33) Lori asks Bridgette, “What are the four R’s of the Money Queen model?” 

(28:32) Lori asks Bridgette, “How have you been able to have the conversation around not feeling bad about money and making them excited about it and talking about it?”

(36:15) Lori asks Bridgette, “What is the mindset of those people who continue to keep getting more and more successful on downtimes?”

(40:51) Lori asks Bridgette, “What's something you haven't told us that you you want to leave us with?”