920. The Reality of Achieving Your Dreams w/ Josh Peck

You might recognize today’s guest as Josh from the hit Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh, or maybe you’ve seen his hilarious, viral social media videos. Josh Peck has recently added another accolade to the list: published author! We discuss the inspiration behind his memoir Happy People Are Annoying and why he wanted to write a self-help book from the perspective of someone who is still trying to figure it all out. He reflects on some pivotal moments in his life, how his relationship with acting has changed since his days as a child star, and how he nurtures a sense of curiosity and gratitude in his everyday life. 

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Discussion Questions & Episode Highlights

( 1:06 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Josh Peck. 

( 2:45 ) Josh joins the conversation. 

( 3:23 ) Lori asks Josh, “Have you gotten the lesson from this book yet? Or do you think that's coming?”

( 4:17 ) Lori asks Josh, “If you had to write down what you thought this next portion of your life was going to look like and be, how would you summarize that for me?”

( 6:14 ) Lori asks Josh, “What are some of the things that you do to kind of like really drop in, and try to enjoy your life right now?” 

( 9:38 ) Lori asks Josh, “Do you still get into a funky place? And then what are just some of the basics that you do to get out of it?”

( 12:28 ) Lori asks Josh, “Did you have a moment where you were like, Okay, I'm going to decide that when I think this or when I view it this way? Or what was it? What were some of those moments that added up to that?”

( 15:14 ) Lori shouts out Issu for sponsoring today’s show. 

( 17:01 ) Lori asks Josh, “What is the one message that you would go back or that you would like to give 50 13-year-olds?”

( 17:44 ) Lori asks Josh, “What is that phrase that maybe you needed to hear from maybe your mom or dad or like someone you really looked up to at that time about you or about your life? Do you know what that would be?” 

( 18:27 ) Lori asks Josh, “Looking back on the biggest failures, were they required for you to become the person that you are today?”

( 22:06 ) Lori asks Josh, “How do you know when the next thing is exciting?”

( 22:31 ) Lori asks Josh, “iI for some reason somebody took away the form of acting that you're doing now, how would you reproduce what you were doing in your life?” 

( 25:30 ) Lori asks Josh, “I want to know something that you wanted really bad early on in your career, but didn't come right away, and you can see why it didn't come to you at that time.”

( 27:08 ) Lori asks Josh, “What is your favorite thing about acting?”

( 29:31 ) Lori asks Josh, “Have you ever taken on traits, or is it sometimes a positive thing?” 

( 31:58) Lori thanks Beis for sponsoring today’s show.