Act and Live As If…

What Does It FEEL Like to Be The Accomplished “Whatever You Want to Be”?

What does it feel like to actually start living as if we've reached our goal? How do we act and feel as if we've already gotten there?

The most important part to getting to a goal is to start FEELING it NOW! The old say “Act as if” holds true here. But how do we actually do that?

My biggest tip for you is to start seeing yourself as that person who does what you want to do AND start taking the small actions that that person would do. For example, if you want to be an author, you need to do what authors do…WRITE!

There isn't going to be some massive “Hallelujah” moment where the heavens open up onto you and anoint you the person you are wanting to be. You just start “acting as if” and soon enough you become it. Do the small actions, each and every day that will lead you to be the big “whatever” you are trying to be.

Implementation time: Where in your life are you feeling stuck?? You want to be one spot, but you feel like you're so far from that spot. Here's what I want you to do; close your eyes, visualize what it will feel like when you are there, and then start taking those actions NOW.

So tell me below, what will you be acting as if, and what actions are you going to take TODAY that will start you on that journey??

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