Imagine Living Your Life and Loving Every Minute Of It
At last, the secrets to living an abundant and purposeful life are revealed!

What if you finally found all of the answers to the most common questions we all ask...

Why not me?

Why does everyone else seem to have it all together?

When will I get my break?

You've likely heard or maybe even said one of these very questions. But wouldn't it be amazing if those hard-to-find answers, the secrets that the most successful individuals keep close to their heart, were finally compiled in one location for you?

The problem is that most people have to be fortunate enough to meet the special few who have figured it all out in order to get these answers, and that's nearly impossible to do.

As you continue to read, you'll find that many people just like you want the best, try their hardest, and deserve success, but aren’t given the whole picture of what it takes to get what they want. 

You probably already know this, but so many of us are stumbling down a path with good intentions and no real direction. And the further we go, the more we feel lost, because we’ve put the outcome of our lives in the hands of others who are no further along than we are.

We just want someone who’s already been there to grab our hand and show us the way... yet those special few seem too busy to do so.

Can you recall a time that you were feeling trapped, incapable of thinking or creating anything big in your life?   

So many of us have the FEELING we’re meant for something BIGGER. You know there's something you want to be doing on a bigger stage, but what is it? 

And every time we get the courage to express our big idea, those around us remind us why it won’t work. 

You know you should be playing all out...but you don’t know how. Or maybe you don’t feel fully confident in your direction, so fully committing feels like a lost cause.
Maybe you've had success in the past, but as soon as you had the taste of victory it came to a screeching halt – only to leave you stuck once again. 

And very likely, you’re becoming sick and tired of having more month than money, living on the financial edge, and just plain exhausted from trying to live abundantly.

It's NOT Your Fault...

Hey listen, it’s not your fault. We’ve been there too.


You’ve never been taught HOW to be aligned with your purpose, your passion, your desires. You’ve never been shown how to accumulate great wealth in all areas of life. We all just grow up, going with the flow until we find ourselves stuck and unhappy – and we don’t know why.


All of our wisdom up to this point has been passed down by people who loved us but didn’t know how to be aligned any better than you do now. And this pattern will never stop until someone interrupts it.


I’m sure you can relate.  

It's Finally Time to get ALIGNED with the Answers

Someone owes you this wisdom. That guiding hand. That break we all deserve.

This life-changing information should be handed out, not kept for a select few.    

I'm sure you already feel this way, but it’s time to live a life of more confidence, love, success and abundance.  


"I joined aligned because I knew there was something inside me that was giving me a nudge to do it. It was a gut feeling that was saying that was the path. It gave me clarity on the next steps in my life, in career, relationships, and with my health."

Your Past Experiences Don't Dictate Your FUTURE RESULTS

As you continue to read, you'll notice there was a time when both Chris and I lived and operated in a world of crippling fear and lack. Total defeat. We felt so trapped by our fear of judgment, our fear of failure, our patterns of poor choices, and the limits of those who didn’t believe in us. You've probably felt this way in the past, too.  


We falsely believed that our past experiences would dictate our future results. Even when things went well, there was still an anxious feeling of fear or “lack” below the surface that we could never quite name. Something wasn’t being fully realized, fully released, or fully expressed. We didn't have the sense of unstoppable knowing that we have today.


We never believed we could live how we do now – free, joyful, capable of creating anything we desire and living a life that is abundant and rich in purpose. And that is exactly what we are going to teach you as we go through this course together.


Just imagine KNOWING that you are on the RIGHT path, finally getting the inside secrets and rituals that the most successful people in the world use. Getting every process, every way of thinking, every shortcut that you can use to create the life of your dreams.  

Picture how you’ll feel as you work toward something that your heart is truly excited for. Imagine those little flutters of confidence and happiness throughout your body as each little win accumulates in your favor.

Picture every day, never feeling “lack” again, but instead investing freely and living a life of awesome abundance! Imagine feeling excited every time the thought of “money” comes up!

Now imagine how good it will feel the first time someone notices your hard work paying off and you begin to notice as others start to talk about your momentum.  How good will it feel the first time someone asks you how you’re doing it?

It's finally happening for YOU.

Research shows that...
in order to attain your highest potential, you can’t just work on one area of growth. You need to align all key areas in a whole-istic manner. Specifically, you need to align your:

After going through ALIGNED, you’ll likely be able to:

Control your habits and thought patterns in order to create the outcomes you desire

Know with 100% confidence what your next moves are and that they’ll produce the success you deserve
Build a tribe that supports your beliefs, supports your goals and allows you to be the “fully expressed” version of yourself

Live a life of incredible abundance

Support your loved ones in a better, more effective way
Live amazingly in the present and not miss valuable moments
Change your mindset around money and create abundant wealth and purpose beyond your dreams
Take radical responsibility for your energy and how great you feel
Have the ability and tools to check in, reassess goals, choose rituals and attract an epic tribe while staying enthusiastic and grateful along the entire journey
Have the clarity and confidence to eliminate, remove and release anything and anyone in a loving way that is not aligned to your highest purpose. If it’s not aligned, it’s not for you.
The Quickest and Easiest Way to Your Ultimate Dreams

You'll find that Aligned quickly helps you spot the limiting choices and beliefs that are keeping you from achieving your dreams and feeling the way you want to feel. It gives you the exact tools, support and ideas to get you to a place of confidence and efficiency, showing you your true essence and highest potential.

Aligned reveals the hacks, the shortcuts, and the insider thoughts on how to reach your ultimate potential.  

In your first week, you will already feel better equipped to say YES to what you want and NO to what no longer serves you. 


"Since going through Aligned I have more belief in myself, and I am confident I can achieve my big dreams. I have been able to dream bigger, and take the actions that I'm certain will make them materialize."

The ALIGNED Formula

The Aligned formula combines ancient wisdom with modern-day breakthroughs in order to deliver lasting change. Delivered in a simple common sense, practical way, Aligned has been designed so  anyone can do it and get real results – real fast.  

Aligned reminds you of the lessons you already know but may have forgotten, and at the same time it challenges you to discover brand-new beliefs and rituals that you've never even considered.

You'll discover there’s a formula to building love and lasting relationships. There’s a formula to being happy. There’s a formula to being confident in your spirituality. There’s a formula to creating impact.  

There’s a formula to becoming wealthy beyond your dreams and there’s a formula to leaving a lasting legacy.  

You'll see that ALIGNED is that formula.

After hundreds of interviews, endless books read, thousands of hours at events, and over a half-million dollars invested in self growth, Chris and Lori have pulled together every single step, secret, ritual and belief that have brought them from a life of failures and mediocrity to the life of their dreams.  

Aligned reminds you that miracles are expected and that breakthroughs are common place.  

These are our answers to your questions, along with answers of the mentors, spiritual leaders, millionaires and billionaires, whose journeys and legacies we admire most. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about personal development, passion, dreams and goals over the past 13+ years together and put it into this easy-to-follow course.

As you've probably figured out, Aligned is not a product to us. It's an entire life guide that should be in the hands of everyone who’s willing to do the work.


You’ll receive a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to our carefully curated set of self-study modules, designed to create lasting change that builds as you work your way through it. With over nine weeks of video coaching, online study guides, and workbook materials, we make your transformation simple.

OK, I know your mind is blown, but you’re also curious about the investment required to change your life once and for all. Our mission was to make this priceless program as affordable for as many people possible. So, despite the MASSIVE retail value, we’ve stripped the investment down to just $279!  I know, BEST NEWS EVER, right?

"ALIGNED helped me move away from my fear and into massive action."

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Since going through Aligned I have more belief in myself, and I am confident I can achieve my big dreams. I have been able to dream bigger, and take the actions that I'm certain will make them materialize.

Amber M.
"I have launched my coaching business and I have created an online community of people that I am so excited about since Aligned."

Carrie V.

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We want you to be able to try this on and see if it works for you. However, we also want you to give it an honest effort. So, if, after going through the course and completing the work, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact me directly within 60 days and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.*

What I'm saying is don’t decide now if ALIGNED is will work for you.

Try it out for a Full 60 Days; RISK FREE!

If it doesn’t help you get clear on your passion and ALIGNED with your true purpose, if it doesn't create a life that reveals the highest version of yourself, if it doesn’t get you feeling how you want to feel so you can attract what is meant for you, if it doesn’t help you develop the faith and confidence in yourself and your choices, then I don’t want you to pay for it and I will gladly refund your money.
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We’ve taken years to build this program, so that we could get it right. Never before has an all-inclusive, one-stop spot been as in-need as it is now. I’m sure you feel that. 

We’re talking fast, lasting transformation in your life, in love, in your health, your happiness, your money-mindset, your tribe and your legacy.  

Every time you’ve asked for the answers. Every time you’ve prayed or mediated for an answer. Every time you’ve asked “when will it be my turn?”. Your questions were heard. Your needs have been acknowledged. And ALIGNED is the shape that those answers took form in. Here’s your answer. Here's your chance to say yes to finally changing your family tree forever, from here on out, and finally becoming… ALIGNED.

Don’t be the only one left on the outside looking in. Please join us now. We cannot wait to become ALIGNED together!

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