The All Or Nothing Mentality

See Why the ALL or Nothing Mentality Could actually be hurting you.

What is the All or Nothing Mentality? You know, when you say things like “every time”, “always”, “never”, etc. You start things with an absolute perfect picture of what it will look like, but you're never quite happy with the results, so you never finish it, release it, publish it, etc… This self talk and mentality leaves no room for errors and its all about perfection each time. This is a dangerous spot to live your life.

Why is it bad for you?

The all or nothing attitude can keep you stuck, and create anxiety and depression in your life. We want to avoid those!

What happens?

The trouble with the all or nothing mentality is that you'll start a bunch of different things, working to make them perfect and never reach the end when you can say, “This is Perfect, I am ready!” It just doesn't happen. So what happens then, you start over, usually with something new, and you end up with all these different to do lists and started projects that never get done.

How can we combat the All or Nothing Mentality?

  • Get Present: Notice that you are trying to do too much and that you won't get them all done. Choose the MAIN two to three things that need to get done and focus solely on those. Write these couple things down and get them done.
  • Have Mantras: A mantra will help you focus and be present.
  • Pick up where you Left off: When you find that you haven't completed something, forgive yourself, and simply pick it back up where you left off the next day. Don't beat yourself up over the fact that it wasn't completed, its not a pass or fail, it's a continuous journey.

What 2-3 things are you going to get done today??

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