1126. Navigating The Highs And Lows Of Building Your Personal Brand Online With Amanda Bucci

If you're living and breathing on social media right now (who isn't at this point?), this episode is for you! I've brought Amanda Bucci, a phenomenal business and life coach, onto the pod to chat about the importance of creating an authentic personal brand online. She's as real as it gets, unapologetically herself, and knows firsthand that navigating social media isn't always easy. Plus, she shares some brilliant takeaways from her new book, “Followed.”

During our chat, Amanda and I share some of our most painful social media moments, the lessons we learned from them, and how you can support yourself if you find yourself in similar situations. She shares tips for overcoming the fear of judgment, choosing what and what not to say online, and protecting yourself from social media's dark side. And you get a sneak peek into Amanda's nine stages of personal branding, which will transform the way you think about authenticity and building your online presence.



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(0:36) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(4:46) Lori asks Amanda, “Why this book right now?” 

(8:49) Lori asks Amanda, “Even thinking back to your most painful moments on social media, was it still worth it for those lessons?”

(13:15) Lori asks Amanda, “Tell me about a moment for you where you said something people got upset with. How did you support yourself then, and how do you now support yourself emotionally and mentally around those moments?” 

(21:34) Lori asks Amanda, “What would you say to people that are holding back their opinions out of fear of backlash?” 

(25:25) Lori asks Amanda, “Can you share a time where you kind of took a self assessment and realized that you weren't sharing who you really were or what you wanted to share?”

(29:53) Lori asks Amanda, “Can you talk about the dark side of social media?” 

(33:45) Lori asks Amanda, “How do you decide with all of the social topics in the world what you are going to speak on? And what are you not going to speak on?” 

(38:16) Lori asks Amanda, “Can you share a few points out of the nine stages of personal branding?”

(44:19) Lori asks Amanda, “What are the messages you want to leave with?”