854. How To Grow Your Brick-And-Mortar Business With The Boutique Hub Founder, Ashley Alderson

Ashley Alderson is a mom of 3, wife, founder of the Boutique Hub, cancer survivor and host of the Boutique Chat Podcast. Growing up in rural North Dakota, Ashley loved fashion, but felt like it was reserved for people living in New York or LA. However, she noticed that small boutiques brought in fashion for everyone. They helped her feel independent, beautiful, confident and unique, regardless of where she was living. She then created Boutique Hub to foster a community for boutique owners and provide the latest tools and strategies in the industry to help them grow. 

On today’s episode, we discuss how she overcame her small town girl imposter syndrome to eventually create a network of over 50,000 boutique owners. She shares some of the major roadblocks that she’s had to work through, what keeps her focused and motivated as an entrepreneur and how she’s transformed her mindset around money. We also talk about the upcoming Boutique Summit and what she hopes people will take away from that event.


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About Ashley:

Ashley Alderson is a mom of 3, wife, founder of the Boutique Hub, cancer survivor, and host of the Boutique Chat Podcast. The Boutique Hub is a media company focused on connecting and providing the latest tools and strategies to the global boutique community. Grounded in the spirit of community over competition, the movement of The Boutique Hub has landed in the Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies in the Midwest and featured in INC, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. Ashley’s podcast, Boutique Chat, brings listeners conversations about the fashion industry, featuring retailers, boutiques, wholesale brands & vendors and industry insiders to share the proven, juicy secrets that have helped companies rise to the top.



( 2:39 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 3:24 ) Lori introduces today’s guest, Ashley Alderson. 

( 4:30 ) Ashley joins the conversation. 

( 6:12 ) Ashley shares the origin story of Boutique Hub. 

( 10:52 ) Lori asks Ashley about her expectations for launching her business and what her trajectory was. 

( 11:20 ) Ashley breaks down a major mistake she made right at the start of her business. 

( 16:49 ) Lori asks Ashley who Boutique Hub is for. 

( 18:29 ) Lori asks Ashely, “What are some of the main problems and challenges that you see in business, but then also, personally, with the actual owner?”

( 20:25 ) Lori asks Ashley, “How do you help people understand what their skill set is within that business?”

( 22:03 ) Lori talks about today’s sponsor, Fabulous. 

( 24:38 ) Ashley says, “Do what you do best, and hire the rest.”

( 26:00) Ashley shares her strategy for staying organized and focused with all of the different roles she plays. 

( 28:14 ) Ashley breaks down her time blocking technique. 

( 31:27 ) Lori asks Ashley what she wishes more people knew about her.

( 32:15 ) Lori asks Ashley what is something that she wishes more business owners knew.

( 33:47 ) Lori asks Ashley, “Why do you think people need to go for their big dream?”

( 34:39 ) Lori asks Ashley, “How do you start to look at challenges in a way that doesn't make you feel defeated as a business owner?”

( 36:26 ) Lori asks Ashley, “What is something that you personally are working through right now?”

( 38:21 ) Ashley shares where she finds support in her life. 

( 39:50 ) Ashley details what people can expect from the 2022 Boutique Summit. 

( 41:55 ) Ashley talks about overcoming her judgment and shame around earning money. 

( 44:46 ) Ashley shares some of the topics that are going to be covered at the Boutique Summit.

( 46:53 ) Listeners can get tickets to the summit, visit the website theboutiquehub.com and listen to Boutique Chat. 

( 48:24 ) Lori asks listeners to tag @ajalderson and let her know what their biggest takeaway is from this episode.