901. Ask Yourself These Questions For A Regret-Free Life

Our trip to Italy was the exact shake up to my routine that I needed. Being immersed in this beautiful culture that's all about connection, friendship, long dinners, and great conversation brought me back to my North Star. It was a reminder that I'm the only person responsible for applying meaning to my life and it’s up to me to embark on new experiences every week that make me feel alive. What are the little things that you can start right now to live a more fulfilling life? I have four questions to ask yourself to help you figure that out一and your answers might surprise you!


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:30 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 1:51 ) Lori recaps her trip to Italy. 

( 4:20 ) Lori says, “It took me traveling to another country to realize that I don't need to burn the house down, that I don't need some insane shake up all of the time. What I need is to make sure that I'm connecting with more people.”

( 5:58 ) Lori lists Tony Robbins’ four questions for living a regret-free life. 

( 7:13 ) Lori asks listeners, “What are the little things that you can start right now to live a life that feels more fulfilled?”

( 8:15 ) Lori asks listeners to share their takeaways from this episode with her on Instagram.