1144. Q&A: How To Be Seen By The World As Your Most Authentic Self with Jen Gottlieb

Welcome to part two of our Living Room Session, where Lindsey Schwartz, Jen Gottlieb, and I answer questions from our incredible live audience! We dive into some really juicy topics, like how to recharge after a busy season, ways to overcome self-doubt, and tips for improving your relationships by working on yourself first. Plus, we chat about when and how much to share about your personal life online and offer our advice for facing your fears by doing the things that scare you the most. 



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(0:00) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Lindsey Schwartz and Jen Gottlieb for another Living Room Q&A Session. 

(0:29) The first question is, “Can we know where your outfits are from?” 

(1:39) The second question is, “What do you do when you're in that season of knowing where you're supposed to be stepping into, but you're feeling a lot of resistance and that you don't deserve it?” 

(9:36) The third question is, “How do you best decompress and process the success and the achievements?”

(14:12) The fourth question is, “What is the cringy thing that you're doing right now?”

(19:50) The fifth question is, “Did you ever run events on Facebook or anything? And was there a system you use to track all of your clients?” 

(21:44) The sixth question is, “What advice would you give us married ladies when we're getting ready to break out of our shell and rebrand ourselves?” 

(27:59) The seventh question is, “How do you convert that to shareable content where you can't share a lot of the private details?” 

(34:41) The eighth question is, “Do you have tangible tips or actions that you take to get past those big scary things that make you feel like you want to throw up?”