931. The Best Practices To Grow Your Business And Brand Online

Eric Dyck’s mission is to “accelerate the democratization of commerce,” by openly sharing proven best practices to grow your business and your brand. Eric is co-founder of DTC Newsletter and Podcast, where he connects his audience to performance marketing tactics, fuelling profitable sales for the world’s fastest-growing brands and agencies. 

By adding ad revenue to something that's already grown organically, you can leverage the content that's created in a much more effective way than going straight to paid. So how do you create that organic growth? In this week’s episode, Eric and I get to the bottom of the surprising amount of content that you need and how it only matters if you’re connecting with people on content that they care about. 

In order to move the needle, you must create community, be a value-forward organization, lead with your passion, and apply user-generated content where possible to attract your ideal customer — and keep them around!


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(1:07) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

(2:30) Lori introduces Eric.

(4:05) Eric joins Lori in the conversation.

(4:45) Lori asks Eric, “What would you say is the thing that you love the most about everything that you do?”

(8:50) Lori asks Eric, “Can you share a little bit about how DTC got started and what you've turned it into?”

(10:56) Eric says, “We try to be fun, we try to take business to business news, and it not have to be stuffy.”

(11:50) Eric explains the secret to his success and the growth of his audience.

(16:34) Eric defines linear commerce, with examples, as where you build your audience while learning about them.

(17:47) Lori asks Eric, “Did linear commerce change some of the ways that you were thinking of initially marketing the product?”

(21:00) Lori asks Eric, “Can you tell me what content marketing is and how are you helping people with it?”

(23:13) Eric explains how using quizzes as part of the customer experience is a fusion of ad marketing, paid social and content marketing.

(26:37) Lori asks Eric, “Can you tell me what diversification in marketing looks like?”

(35:10) Lori asks Eric, “What brands do you think are doing really well online?”

(35:50) Eric talks about engineering a form of virality and chic to a product.

(40:05) Lori asks Eric, “So what is something that new companies should be dialing in on, in order to get out into the world?”

(43:11) Lori asks Eric, “What would you say makes a good ads team if we don’t have a massive budget?”

(48:41) Lori asks listeners to subscribe to DTC newsletter at directtoconsumer.co and follow them on Twitter @DTCnewsletter