959. Best Practices On How To Prepare For Big Events

Whether you're speaking for an hour or running a week-long mastermind, the way that you show up for your audience will either make or break your brand and your long-term dreams. Chris is going on his sixth year of running the Elite Mastermind, and we sat down to discuss the preparation that goes into making these events successful. We detail the rituals we do beforehand, how we ensure that we’re facilitating incredible rooms, and why these sorts of events are so important for our growth. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:25 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy. Today, Chris and Lori are talking about how they prepare to host a mastermind or live event. 

( 2:51 ) Lori asks Chris, “Tell me about how you prepare for mastermind weekend.”

( 4:38 ) Lori asks Chris, “How are you preparing to become the best version of yourself and how do you take care of yourself while in the room?”

( 10:44 ) Lori asks Chris, “If somebody wants to put something like this on, what does that structure even look like?”

( 13:43 ) Lori asks Chris, “How do you kind of curate that connection within the participants?”

( 16:55 ) Lori asks Chris, “Tell me the impact that some of the masterminds that we have joined have had on you.”

( 20:11 ) Learn more about the 2023 Elite Mastermind at chrisharder.me/mastermind