How To Bust Out Of A Funk!

Five Rituals to Help You Bust Out Of a Funk!

*Be sure to watch to the end for a little surprise!

Hey, Funk Happens! Its ok, we just need to take the steps to get out of it as soon as you start to feel that funk creep up on you!

Here are my 5 Funk Busting Rituals (or FBRs):

  • FBR 1: Move Your Body
  • FBR 2: Get Outside
  • FBR 3: Meditate
  • FBR 4: Read
  • FBR 5: Connect with People

Pick 2-3 of these Funk Bustin' Rituals and try to implemented them into every day. It doesn't have to be long, just make sure to do them. See if these help you get out of that nasty funk! Tell me what ones you are going to commit to trying THIS WEEK below in the comments!

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