838. Filling A Gap In The Market With BOXFOX CEO Chelsea Moore

Today, I’m joined by BOXFOX Co-Founder and CEO Chelsea Moore. BOXFOX is a women-owned gift box platform that makes gifting effortless and elevated. After graduating college, Chelsea and her co-founders Jenni and Sabena were looking for a way to send personalized gifts to their friends who had spread out around the country. They wanted to be able to celebrate and send condolences without sending a generic fruit basket or shopping all over to create their own pricey care package. 

Thus, BOXFOX was born and transformed the gifting space. One of the main pillars of BOXFOX is to enable people to maintain both personal and professional relationships in a really authentic way, and the pre-packed curations, customized corporate gifts, and BUILD A BOXFOX™ platform do just that. 

On today’s episode, Chelsea shares exactly how they launched their business and major highlights and challenges from their journey. She explains their buying and merchandising philosophy and how their guiding principles have remained solid since the start, but their goals and strategies have changed as they’ve grown. Tune in to hear more of our conversation about building a first-of-its-kind product and how Chelsea is re-defining gifting with BOXBOX.


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About Chelsea:

Chelsea was born and raised in Los Angeles and attended UCLA, where she met Jenni as a Kappa pledge. While pursuing her degree, she worked in marketing at Brandy Melville and Ogilvy & Mather and fell in love with the power of branding and the importance of humanity in every aspect of the business. After graduation, she and Jenni moved to Venice Beach where the idea for BOXFOX was born after spotting a gap in the lifestyle and service space for elevated and effortless gifting. She is a recent addition to the Forbes 30 Under 30 2019 list and she is the driving force behind BOXFOX’s creative and aesthetic vision, ensuring we stay true to our customers’ needs and our belief in well-presented and purposeful gifting.


Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

( 2:41 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 3:05 ) Lori gives some background on today’s guest, Chelsea Moore. 

( 4:58 ) Chelsea joins the conversation. 

( 5:44 ) Lori asks Chelsea to share her founding story. 

( 9:25 ) Lori asks Chelsea what her tipping point was and what held her accountable. 

( 11:58 ) Lori asks Chelsea what her first initial step was. 

( 13:16 ) Lori and Chelsea discuss the pros and cons of having co-founders. 

( 15:39 ) Lori asks Chelsea how she started off with finding vendors and negotiating deals. 

( 18:33 ) Lori asks Chelsea how she went about marketing BOXFOX in the early stages. 

( 21:29 ) Lori talks about today’s sponsor, Indeed. 

( 23:52 ) Chelsea shares three major BOXFOX milestones. 

( 28:18 ) Chelsea says, “one of our biggest pillars is personalized gifting and enabling people to maintain these both personal and professional relationships in a really, really authentic way.”

( 30:33 ) Chelsea explains how she got BOXFOX into Nordstrom. 

( 34:11 ) Chelsea talks about getting the boxfox.com domain last year. 

( 35:41 ) Chelsea shares that Nordstrom is her ultimate dream partnership, but she wants to work on the service aspect. 

( 37:54 ) Lori says, “Tell me how plans have completely changed since you started.”

( 39:13 ) Chelsea and Lori discuss social strategy. 

( 41:51 ) Chelsea explains how BOXFOX utilizes TikTok and content partners. 

( 43:56 ) Chelsea shares how the team decides what products to offer. 

( 45:49 ) Chelsea says, “Whether you work somewhere or you work for yourself, it's all hard. It's just different kinds of hard.”

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( 49:25 ) Lori asks listeners to shout @shopboxfox and let Chelsea know their biggest takeaway from the episode.