992. Create Monumental Change In One Year By Doing These Two Things

Welcome to the first He Said She Said episode of 2023! To kick this year off, we’re each sharing one thing we’re going to implement and one we’re going to stop doing. In our experience, focusing on two key habits helps us stay on track and actually hit our goals. Plus, we recap our holiday weekend and talk about what it’s been like since bringing home our new puppy, Bonkers (spoiler alert: he’s fully living up to his name)! 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:25) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy. Today, Chris and Lori are sharing their New Year’s resolutions. 

(1:01) Lori and Chris talk about what life has been like with their new puppy, Bonkers. 

(3:47) Lori and Chris recap their holiday weekend with family. 

(6:18) Lori asks Chris, “What's one thing you want to start doing and one thing you want to stop doing this year?”

(9:08) Lori shares that she wants to be more organized and regimented with her work schedule. 

(10:18) Chris asks Lori, “What are you gonna stop doing this year?”

(11:48) Chris explains why he’s going to cut back on Uber Eats.