1027. How To Create Space For Peace With Danielle LaPorte

Whenever I want to explore spirituality on a deeper level, I reach for Danielle LaPorte’s work. She’s an expert on the intelligence of love and recently came out with a new book called How To Be Loving: As Your Heart Is Breaking Open and Our World Is Waking Up

In our conversation, Danielle describes what peace means to her and how she incorporates nourishing practices into her daily life. She shares advice for people who are easily bothered by certain behaviors or outcomes, which is something she used to really struggle with. We also discuss how to set more aligned goals and be satisfied with enough instead of constantly desiring more.



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(0:33) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by author Danielle LaPorte. 

(3:57) Lori asks Danielle, “What does peace look like for you?”

(8:13) Lori asks Danielle, “What does your daily peace practice look like?” 

(12:01) Lori asks Danielle, “How do you cut off all the tragedy and negativity in the world?”

(14:32) Lori asks Danielle, “You’ve said that healing is not necessarily about focusing on fixing ourselves. Can you explain that?”

(19:03) Lori asks Danielle, “What do you do when you accidentally stumble across something that really disrupts your peace?”

(20:41) Lori asks Danielle, “What have you noticed about tuning out the external noise and getting quiet?”

(28:28) Lori asks Danielle, “Is there a time that you look back on and see a major contrast?”

(29:51) Lori asks Danielle, “How does one start to practice becoming unbotherable?”

(34:14) Lori asks Danielle, “What do you do in a situation where you’re feeling really bothered?”

(35:35) Lori asks Danielle, “What’s the balance of desirelessness and having a vision?”

(41:30) Lori asks Danielle, “When you thought of the magazine and it excited you, what was the picture in your head that excited you? And were you able to get that in a different way?”

(42:36) Lori asks Danielle, “What is exciting you most right now?”

(45:19) Lori asks Danielle, “How can we support you? Where can we get the book?”