836. Dave Hollis On Finding Inspiration Through Hardship

On today’s episode, I’m joined by New York Times best-selling author, podcast host, keynote speaker, business coach and my friend, Dave Hollis! Some of you might remember back in March 2020 on episode 502 when I sat down with Dave to talk about his book Get Out Of Your Own Way. In the almost two years since that episode, so much more has happened, including the publication of Dave’s latest book, Built Through Courage: Face Your Fears to Live the Life You Were Meant For. 

Dave and I talk about accepting failure, adjusting goals, and taking the steps to learn and grow. He explains how his faith and sense of self have been challenged these past two years and how they’ve ultimately transformed himself and inspired the direction of his newest project. Dave also shares why it’s crucial to share your God-given gifts with the world and his advice for how to embark on that journey of self discovery.

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About Dave:

Dave Hollis, New York Times bestselling author of Get Out of Your Own Way, works to inspire others to take control of their lives and create a future of fulfillment and purpose. As a former president of distribution for the Walt Disney Studios, Dave has seen both the negative consequences of limiting beliefs and the positive power of imagination, dreams, and believing in oneself. Dave is a member of the Motion Picture Academy and has been an advisor or board member of technology incubator Fandango Labs; philanthropy start-up Givsum; film charity Will Rogers Pioneers Foundation; Pepperdine’s Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Culture; and foster-care champion National Angels. A father of four and former foster parent to four more, Dave and his family live in Austin, Texas, where he drives a 1969 Ford Bronco named Incredible Hulk and has a mini schnauzer named Jeffrey. His new book, Built Through Courage: Face Your Fears to Live the Life You Were Meant For, is available anywhere books are sold.

Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

( 2:41 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 4:18 ) Dave joins the conversation.  

( 4:52 ) Lori asks Dave, “So how have you been on this book journey?”

( 6:44 ) Lori asks Dave, “What were some fears that you had going into this?”

( 8:37 ) Dave explains how he had to pivot from his original book tour plans. 

( 11:00 ) Lori asks Dave about the original idea for the book and how that changed during the writing process. 

( 13:16 ) Dave says the quote “what things might have to die to bring you back to life?” inspired him.

( 15:49 ) Dave explains that the arc of the book didn’t change, but the depth and meaning did. 

( 17:41 ) Lori asks Dave, “What was that super challenging thing that you wouldn't wish upon anyone else, but now maybe you would because you are a totally different person because of the challenge?”

( 19:49 ) Dave shares about mourning the end of the idealized version of his marriage. 

( 21:11 ) Dave says, “There is liberation in my ability to write whatever is on this piece of paper.”

( 22:33 ) Lori shouts out her sponsor, BYJU'S FutureSchool.

( 25:29 ) Lori asks Dave to share advice for people who are facing the same question his ex-wife posed to him: Can you be the person that you were created to be with me? 

( 28:42 ) Dave talks about not feeling fulfilled with a behind-the-scenes role. 

( 31:21 ) Lori asks Dave, “How did you know you actually had to leave the relationship to become that? And are there ways around that?”

( 34:03 ) Lori asks Dave, “What is a belief that you had about yourself or life, let's say in 2019, that has now been completely shattered? And what do you believe now?”

( 36:06 ) Dave says, “You can absolutely have your eye on what you'd hope to have the outcome be, but you may not get control over what ends up being the means through which it comes to pass.” 

( 37:43 ) Dave says, “If you look for it, you'll find the good that is being built in the muscle being broken down.”

( 41:34 ) Dave says, “I also think that when you are going through something that you have never been through before, your ability to access someone who has and with their expertise and perspective can normalize a little bit of what journey you are on.”

( 43:24 ) Dave shares a quote from John Maxwell. “You can have multiple good days in a row, or you can be a small business owner. But you can't have both.”

( 45:13 ) Dave talks about how he changed his perception of crises and challenges that come with running a business. 

( 47:01 ) Dave shares how his faith in God has changed and strengthened. 

( 48:25 ) Lori asks Dave, “How do we find ourselves?”

( 56:47 ) Lori asks listeners to tag @mrdavehollis and @loriharder to let them know what their biggest takeaway from this episode is.