951. Do This Exercise To Understand Your Business Better!

Next time you need some inspiration to write an Instagram post or a newsletter, or even just have a tough conversation with someone in your life, I have a trick for getting your message across clearly. I want you to try writing yourself a letter from the perspective of the other person. What are their pain points? How has your product, offering, or actions affected them? Find a solution to each thing you can list out and write a letter back to them. I found that this exercise has helped me set boundaries, meet people with more compassion, and get really clear on what I’m responsible for. Try it out and tag me @loriharder on Instagram to let me know if this approach works for you! 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 2:16 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today’s episode is about marketing and really trying to understand your audience. 

( 4:34 ) Lori says, “One of my biggest challenges is to really get in the shoes of those people so that I can give them the answer.”

( 5:12 ) Lori talks about the upcoming Dream Bigger event and shares a discount code for listeners. 

( 7:15 ) Lori explains what the exercise is. 

( 9:36 ) Lori says, “Be really clear on what your boundaries are and what you can't do.”

( 11:39 ) Lori asks listeners to tag her in Instagram and let her know if the exercise works for them.