Don’t Settle! Find YOUR Tribe!

I know you better than you may think…

Hey you… I know you better than you may think.

There was a time when I struggled with anxiety, my weight and to be honest, my happiness. My fears, anxiety, comparison and self-sabotage were consuming my life and spilling into my relationships while robbing me of my dreams. I couldn’t fathom waking up to another Monday that was the same as the last. I felt lonely, isolated and stuck in a cycle of bad choices and short term pleasures but had NO idea how to stop the downward spiral. I was surrounded by toxic people. I was a people pleaser who was starting to resent most everyone in my life. I didn’t know how to set boundaries or take care of me first. But, my soul started to talk to me, it went from a dull pain I could numb out with food and alcohol, to a scream I could no longer keep quiet. I knew I had to make changes.

Slowly, I started to choose forgiveness…of myself, my choices and others. I started to do and make the choices that love me back. One of the biggest things I did was find a tribe of people to go through it all with. Not just for the support, but for picking me up off the ground when I needed it, to celebrate with, and to share the journey with. I know your soul is calling you, and if you’re ready to finally answer her, I know I am meant to help…say yes, leap, trust and let’s do this.

Can you relate???

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