Episode 159: Why You’re Not Where You Want to Be and the SIX Guiding Principles to Get You There with Angelike Norrie

I am so excited to have my soul sister, Angelike Norrie, back on my podcast! Having gone through so many challenging life events in the last couple of years, she’s here to share how her Six Guiding Principles helped carry her through them all.

If you feel out of control, this episode is a must listen. I suggest taking notes and perhaps listening twice (if you’re able) to get all the juicy goodness out of it.

Questions Asked in This Episode

• What was it that pulled you through all of your recent life events/challenges?
• What does it feel like when you’re in and out of alignment – mentally and physically?
• What do you do when you catch yourself just doing something just to do something – even when it’s not fulfilling?
• What are your 6 Guiding Principles?
• What do you do to manage time with your family when you’re in the thick of hustling? How do you do both and still move the needle forward in life?
• How do we make sure social media doesn’t infiltrate our minds or send us down a negative spiral?


“The pain is inevitable; the suffering is a choice.”

“If I can find order in the physical, I can find order in the spiritual.”

“If the world is moving forward and you’re sitting still, you’re going to be left behind.”

“Do at least one thing every day to move the needle forward.”

“We must make a conscious decision to create sacred space for our family.”

“If the queen doesn’t eat, the kingdom won’t either.”

“If you have a bad day, have three good ones after that.”

“Don’t underestimate the power of 15 minutes.”

“Your why is a command on your life.”

“Don’t make it so you have to carve out fun like it’s an obligation.”

Angelike Norrie is a happily married, working mother of two adorable girls and a five-time cover model. Prior to taking a leap of faith to control her own destiny, she worked in corporate America as a sales executive, managing fortunes and people. After escaping 60-hour workweeks with extensive travel, she became an entrepreneur with a passion for nutrition, fitness, philosophy, and business coaching.

These days, instead of stressing about quotas, day care and commutes, she helps women flex both their physical and spiritual muscles through Soulutions, a multi-faceted coaching program that helps women bare their souls and regain dominion in all areas of their life. A world martial arts champion and believer in daily discipline, Angelike is the author of Life Lines, a four-part journal series for women that provides weekly inspiration, daily reflection and goal setting, all combined with tools for daily meal and exercise tracking. Using the power of technology, Angelike developed Body Soulutions, a free online monthly membership club for women who want to be mentored and coached with cutting-edge health information, fun recipes, laughter and goofiness, and strategies for building happy, balanced lives and financial stability.

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