Episode 161: How to STOP Leading a Vanilla Life with David Norrie

Have you ever wished you were a better speaker or more at ease when talking with new people? Perhaps you’re an introvert who desperately wants to tap into their extrovert side? It may be easier than you think with a little practice and coaching.

Today’s episode is with my dear friend, David Norrie (yes, guest Angelike Norrie’s hubby), and I’m thrilled for him to share his expertise on all of the above. As a former journalist and now master networker and business coach, David shares the importance of improving on all forms of communication – from speaking or social interactions to relationships (family, friends and business). He shares so many impactful stories and we had so much fun during our conversation. I can’t wait for you to listen!

Questions Asked in This Episode

• What made you want to start sharing with and helping people get better with social interactions and speaking?
• What made you take ownership of the decision to have fun and how do you incorporate that with your clients?
• What does the process of becoming a better speaker look like?
• What kinds of social experiments do you like to test out?
• What are some helpful tips that could make people more successful in networking?
• What are some of the top things that are holding people back from connecting or becoming a better speaker?
• What are some of the different elements of your Socially Speaking course?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

• Tips on how to become a better speaker and tell stories
• What the different types of perception are
• What it means to be “turned on”
• Why being genuine and getting back to the basics of manners matters
• About the importance of intention when communicating
• How body language and tone impact conversation
• Why it’s important to be a good listener and take constructive criticism
• And so much more…


“Get turned on.”

“Become a student of observation.”

“A smile can break down barriers.”

“Turn up the best part of yourself.”

“Personality counts.”

“We’re really in the business of connecting.”

“Don’t be vanilla.”

“If you fill your life with rich and meaningful experiences, you’re going to have a lot more things to talk about.”

“Take some chances, say yes, get butterflies and figure it out along the way.”

“It’s never too late to be the person you want to be.”

David Norrie is a Transformational Coach specializing in helping individuals tap into their personality in a way that helps them excel in both their professional and personal lives.

For the past four years, he has worked as a business coach for one of the largest network marking companies in the world. While that he saw a need for more intensive training in helping people market themselves in a social media-driven marketplace. That led to the creation of Speak Up, an 8-week interactive virtual training course which takes groups of men and women from different fields and helps them develop their stories to become better listeners as well as more influential speakers.

David has spoken to large audiences all over the country and is most passionate about God, marriage, family and capitalism.
He spent more than 20 years in journalism, most of which came as a columnist, penning articles on how to have a healthier body and relationship. He draws on humor and his experience as a husband and father to get across his message that God is indeed laying out a path for each of us and it’s our responsibility to be stewards of His message and creat a better future for the next generation.

He and his wife, Angelike, run their home-based business out of Arizona and believe that their ministry includes reaching out to couples who want to work together and coaching them on how to make their marriage coincide with their business.


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