Episode 166: Give Life to More POSSIBILITIES by Making Less Excuses

Today’s quickie is all about the word (and thing) justification. I once was a pro at justifying why I was the way I was (fearful, anxious etc.). I spent SO much time, energy and efforts on the excuses as to why I couldn’t do x-y-z when I could have been investing my time into my dreams!

So let’s try a little exercise… Let’s replace the word justification with excuses. Let’s call out those excuses and see them for what they truly are – false glass ceilings – because that’s all they really are no matter what you might think.

“Human beings can do whatever we believe we can do.”

So look for the justifications/excuses in your life right now and write them down.

“If your thoughts are going toward your justifications and excuses, you’re actually living for them.”

So which is it for you? Are you living to keep your dreams alive or are you choosing to fan the flames that keep the fires of justification and excuses burning? Take a deep look and discover what you’re really living for. Hint: If your time is spent making excuses and justifying, you’re never going to give the power to your presence to be able to move forward into your dreams.

“Give the power to your presence.”

Your family, friends and the world need your gift right NOW. Of course, there will always be a dose of fear that comes along with it, but embrace it knowing that it feels a whole lot better than never stepping into your full potential.

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