Episode 171: How 5 Women Transformed Their Lives in Just a Weekend

As many of you know, my upcoming Bliss Project event is only months away and hundreds of you have already registered to join us. But I know that for some, you’re still on the fence for various reasons… Perhaps this would be your first self-development/empowerment retreat. For others, you’ve never left your family for a whole weekend. For others, there is a fear that you’re not “far enough” or knowledgeable enough to attend such an event.

Whatever the reason, I can assure you that if you’re being called to attend, it’s the perfect event for you to attend. But don’t take my word for it. Listen in to today’s conversation as I interview five women about their Bliss Project experiences. You will notice many overlapping answers and that’s because we are all way more alike than we are different.

Whether you come alone or bring a friend, the weekend WILL change your life. I cannot wait for you to hear all about it (and experience it in the near future) and join our INCREDIBLE Bliss Project tribe.

Questions Asked in This Episode:
• Where were you at before attending The Bliss Project and what made you go for the first time?
• What were you looking for by attending Bliss?
• Were there any surprises that showed up for you during The Bliss Project?
• What are you struggling with currently and what tools are you using that you learned from Bliss?
• What was your experience like coming to Bliss alone?
• What is the magic that helps you believe your dreams are possible?
• What kind of power do you receive when stepping into your authenticity?


“My breakthrough happened because I showed up.” – Kelly Soto

“I knew I was meant for more, but didn’t believe it. But when I left Bliss, I believed it.” – Kelly Soto

“Leave what’s familiar and go into what’s not, because that’s where the gifts are – that’s where the beauty is.” – Marlo Ellis

“Bliss is like rolling out the red carpet for your soul.” – Marlo Ellis

“I can create my world.” – Jordan Candelaria

“Remember your happiness.” – Jordan Candelaria

“Every single person that you talked to was going through the same things.” – Mandy Demetsky

“Bliss is 2.5 days in the biggest, warmest, most welcoming hug.” – Mandy Demetsky

“What sets Bliss apart is that you have hundreds of epic soul sisters who are going to check in with you, have your back and help hold you accountable.” – Steph Gold

“It’s impossible to stay stuck with hundreds of women who support you.” – Steph Gold

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