Episode 175: Why Balance Is a Myth with Lori Kennedy

I know you will relate to today’s guest, Lori Kennedy, as she is as real as they come. As a successful entrepreneur and a single mother of two, she is the first to admit that her success didn’t happen overnight.

Starting out as a registered holistic nutritionist, Lori had no interest in the business side of things, but soon learned that her successful visions wouldn’t become a reality until she did.

Be sure to listen in as we talk about all the struggles and wins of her entrepreneurial journey so far and all the self-realization that’s come along with it. Happy listening!

Questions Asked in This Episode:
• What’s your background and how did you get your start?
• Did you have any issues looking at how you approached/looked at money and if so, how did you bridge that gap?
• How did you find your own unique way of selling to make people realize how important nutrition is?
• Tell me about a time when you’ve had to make tough decisions and be OK with them.
• Going through the levels in your life, what were the different things that appeared to you that you had to change in order to break through the glass ceiling?
• When do you show yourself grace and get your power back when you don’t show up?
• What did taking time off from your business look like?
• How do you have a goal but also detach from it?
• What do you do when you feel like you can’t please everyone?
• What is something you’re feeling resistance toward and how are you getting through it?


“Sales is about uncovering someone’s why.”

“There is no such thing as balance when you have goals.”

“The pain of pushing through and doing sh!t work was worse for me.”

“I had to look at other ways to create the feelings of productivity and momentum outside of work.”

“Ride it out – your mojo will come back.”

“Does it pull me away from the vision or does it push me toward it?”

“Am I acting in a way that my future self would be proud of?”

“The bigger and better you become, the messier it gets.”

Lori Kennedy is a mom, nutritionist and the lady boss behind The Wellness Business Hub and The Wellness Business Academy. As business mentor and strategist for health coaches and practitioners, Lori empowers her community to build the business and life of their dreams all on their own terms.

She’s a published author and acclaimed speaker with a real-world approach to entrepreneurism. Her personal philosophy of ‘inspired hustle’ is built into her online courses and nationwide live events. Lori prioritizes her time and energy on building her business, mentoring practitioners, working with charitable partners, playing with her kids and building her dream life all on her own terms.

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