Episode 183: Risking It ALL with Sheroic: Cassey Ho and Lisa Bilyeu

Shero (noun): a female who fights for what she believes in and never gives up, even if it means fighting alone.

I had the honor of interviewing not one, but TWO Sheroes on today’s episode – Cassey Ho and Lisa Bilyeu – the hosts of The Sheroic Podcast. Before starting The Sheroic, both women were already successful entrepreneurs in their own right (Cassey is the CEO of Blogilates and Lisa is a founding team member of Quest Nutrition), however both share that there wasn’t a huge “break” that landed them in either role.

Tune in to hear about each woman’s journey thus far and how they’ve risen (and continued to rise) to meet the challenges and obstacles that get in their way. I know you will absolutely fall in love with their comforting, loving and vulnerable natures. This hour was seriously a warm-up for more inspiring conversations to come – enjoy!

Questions Asked in This Episode:
• What was the catalyst of saying “yes, this is what I want to do,” when you decided to go for it?
• Was there resistance you had to move past/through in order to create the life you’re living now?
• Why is it important for you both to fulfill your purpose and live as your highest self?
• Define your relationship with fear.
• What are some of your biggest fears you’re working through now?
• Is there anything missing from your life?
• What would you say to people who don’t feel like they have any direction?
• What makes you love you and what makes you feel like yourself?
• Who is the character you pick every day?
• Why is it your responsibility to go through the muck and be as fully you as possible?


“Either follow your passion or be miserable for the rest of your life.”

“Part of being whole is to keep reaching higher.” – Cassey Ho

“If it makes you happy, do more of it. If it doesn’t, do less.” – Cassey Ho

“It’s not that I don’t have fear, it’s that I overcome the fear.” – Lisa Bilyeu

“Roadblocks are just part of the video game.” – Lisa Bilyeu

“No one gets greatness without failure.” – Lisa Bilyeu

“I love that I can adapt, grow and change without getting my ego dented.” – Lisa Bilyeu

“If I’m not being my true self, I’m robbing myself of something.” – Lisa Bilyeu

“It’s your responsibility to share what you’ve learned with the world.” – Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho
An award-winning fitness instructor, entrepreneur and online personality, Cassey is the founder and CEO of Blogilates, the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube with over 500 million video views and 7 million
followers cross-platform. Named as the world’s #3 Most Influential Person in Health & Fitness by Greatist and a top fitness influencer by Forbes, she’s tailing behind none other than Oprah!

Cassey’s unique format, POP Pilates© first appeared on YouTube in 2009 with herself as the sole
instructor. Fans began to fall in love with Cassey’s bubbly personality, fun workouts, and her genuine
approach towards getting fit – it was never about the weight loss, it was about the happiness gain. Today, Cassey’s choreographed class is being taught over 3,000 times every month by certified POP Pilates
instructors at major gyms wordwide – and that’s just the beginning.

Cassey is also the author of the best-selling book, Hot Body Year Round and the designer of her own
multi-million dollar activewear line, POPFLEX.

Lisa Bilyeu
From film student to fulltime housewife to world-class entrepreneur, Lisa is a master of adaptation and
personal growth. As a founding team member of the billion dollar company Quest Nutrition, she built
the company’s entire fulfillment department from scratch.

She started shipping orders from her living room floor and ultimately built the unit into a full-fledged
department spanning thousands of square feet. From there, she turned her talents to marketing and
helped build her second division within Quest – a revolutionary in-house media department, that not
only made cutting-edge social marketing materials, but also helped facilitate the company’s meteoric
rise to #2 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies.

She and her team were responsible for producing content that has been viewed over 200 million
times. Now as co-founder and president of Impact Theory and co-host of the Sheroic Podcast, her
mission is to really create Impact in the world and empower women of all ages to see and believe that
they can be anything they set their minds to.

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