Episode 188: Relationships Are Our Biggest Teachers

This is the time of year where little bursts of inspiration or positivity are most needed, am I right? With the hustle, bustle, and stress of visitors and visiting family, it’s hard not to let it get to you at some point.

So this year I’m already switching my focus from stress to excitement. I am in control of how I feel and how I act. No matter what old beliefs pop up when spending time with family and friends, I will not let it derail my current beliefs.

I know that most of us have those certain people who criticize their lifestyle, career or habits, but don’t take the bait! You’re not going to change them and you’re certainly not going to change for them, right?

Go in with the energy that “it’s all OK,” and let all the little stuff roll off your back. Now, this doesn’t give anyone permission to walk all over you, but if you can just LOVE and LISTEN a little more, and release expectations, you’re going to close out the holidays on a high note.

See what happens when you can allow, accept and have compassion instead of going on the defense or judging. How much can you grow and let go of this holiday season? Tell me what your plans are for propelling yourself through the holidays and into 2018? I want to hear because we’re all in this together.

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