Episode 195: How to Tap into Your Creative Intuition Quickly with Liana Louzon

Photographer, jewelry maker and my guest today, Liana Louzon and I go way back (more than a decade) to my fitness competition days. It’s safe to say that a lot has changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the positive, driven and encouraging vibe that she gives off just by speaking with her.

Originally from Russia, Liana made her way to Canada at the age of 14 and shares her journey of assimilating and learning a new language. While there were times of struggle, Liana learned to tap into her intuition and has since used that very skill to forge ahead in her creative businesses – namely her jewelry company, Rocking Vibe.

If you’re a creative or longing to get MORE creative, be sure to listen in to hear how Liana taps into both her intuition, gets in her “zone,” and as a result creates a springboard for creativity.

Questions Asked in This Episode:
• When you came to Canada and didn’t know the language, what was that like?
• When did your interest in fitness begin?
• Where does your immediate response to not only follow your passion but to think big with it come from?
• What does it feel like when you’re not creating and sharing?
• When you’re so busy between your business and being a mom, how do you turn the creative light switch on?
• How do you put your flare on your creativity?
• What are some things that you’re doing right now that contradict each other, but you love it?
• Could you share some ways that can help others step into their power?
• Do you have any anything in your life that you’re struggling with or working through?
• What are you creating right now with Rocking Vibe and what direction do you want it to go?


“Fear means progress is on the rise.”

“Fear is exciting. Show up, trust and choose bravery.”

“Even when I didn’t believe, I knew what I wanted.”

“Knowing your weaknesses is just as important as knowing your strengths.”

“Be intuitive with who you are.”

“Allow yourself to evolve.”

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Liana immigrated to Canada at the age of 14. While learning English as a second language, Liana found that artistry (including her passion for photography as well as jewelry making and beading) helped her feel grounded and became a way of expressing herself as she faced the challenges of life in a new country. As her life evolved, Liana became a mother which ignited her desire to use her passion to contribute to a better future. In the summer of 2014, the idea of Rocking Vibe glimmered in her heart, and it wasn’t long before that spark became a fierce fire and Rocking Vibe was created.

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