Episode 200: How to Make More Time and Energy for Your Goals

I don’t know about you, but I love the natural reset that occurs with a new year. It’s a way to reset our intentions and make sure our time and energy are in alignment with our goals. But often times, this extra time and energy never come around because we’ve already taken up the “extra” with anxiety and stressful thoughts that don’t serve us.

So today we’re talking about how we can get more time, energy and willpower. And the simplest (but not necessarily the easiest way) is to clear your mental space.

“Fuel the potential and focus on the possibility.”

This means no focusing on what could go wrong and only focusing on all the amazing things that could go right. Become aware of overwhelming thoughts. And when you feel those thoughts sneaking in redirect them to something positive. What would help you right in that moment? What do you need? A walk outside? A fresh cup of coffee? A talk with a friend? Making a to-do list? Whatever it is, do that. Seriously, find THE smallest thing that helps you feel better.

Next, close the loops! You know all those small, trivial things that happen day after day – let them go! For instance, you’re driving and someone cuts you off. You’re mad, and what could be a quick blip of annoyance turns into 20 minutes of fuming over a person who hasn’t thought twice about it. You just used up 20 minutes of your mental energy – and it didn’t help you (or that person) at all. Use your energy wisely. Use your thoughts to fuel your dreams, and get more drive and willpower. Don’t waste your mental space on a bad driver or something equally as simple.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t ever get mad – it happens! But we must remember to shift out of those low-level (draining) thoughts as quickly as possible. Think of low-level thoughts as energetic sandbags. For each low-level thought, add a sandbag and carry it around. Another low-level thought? Add another… Imagine if we never ditched these energetic sandbags, how weighed down we’d feel.

We need to close the open loops that are draining our mental batteries by forgiving and getting rid of any indecision in the process. Once you do, you’ll replace any pain, indecision, guilt or shame with more peace, ease, space and power in your mind. And I don’t know about you, but that’s my favorite space to be in.

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