Episode 202: FAITH Means Trusting THIS…

This past weekend, I attended an event for the network marking company I’m affiliated with it and it was incredible! Every year around this time I always reflect and am so grateful for the relationships it has brought into my life. I honestly never thought I would be part of this type of company (it took a long time and ton of fear), but despite the nay-sayers and my own initial reservations, I haven’t regretted it for a second.

So if you’re feeling fear around something and/or a pull on your soul, go for it and ignore all the background noise within and outside – I’m living proof. Trust me, after creating a podcast, network marketing and writing a book, I’ve come to trust my soul to guide me in the right direction. But in order to do so, I have to consistently keep chipping away day by day at my goals.

“Consistency trumps everything.”

If you keep showing up and learning, you will go exactly where the message on your soul means for you to go. And this often times means ignoring the protective voices in your head and of others. Ditch the stories that swirl around in your head and choose the thoughts that align with your message. And yes, we ALL have a message (that means you!).

“If you have a pulse, you have a message.”

Your message is as unique as you are, so if you haven’t pinned down exactly what it is, don’t worry, you just need to listen more closely and give it a bit more time. Even if you think that pull is something far too simple… stop and listen. Does it bring you fulfillment or happiness? Ding, ding – you’ve got a winner, and now you must protect it.

Full honesty? It takes a ton of bravery to create boundaries and protect your goals and message. After all, your goals are linked to your happiness. But let’s not forget faith. It is imperative that you have faith throughout the winding process of life.

“Faith is trusting that you’re forgiven in the face of no closure.”

What do I mean by this? Lately, I’ve had to say no to a lot of people who I’ve wanted to say yes to. I’m a people pleaser (old habits die hard), but I work on it every day. Sometimes when I say no or have to leave a conversation abruptly, I feel such guilt and fear that someone will be upset with me. The reality though is that they likely didn’t even notice. And if they did, they either understand or will forget it in a matter of minutes.

“Create boundaries around the things that are leaking your energy.”

Stop leaking your energy by carrying guilt for something that doesn’t exist! Give yourself the gift of closure – forgive and move on. I’m not saying that you won’t have your challenges along the way, but preserve your energy to fulfill your goals/message.

“Big, bold steps take energy and bravery.”

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