Episode 204: Why GROWTH Doesn’t Always FEEL GOOD

Growth doesn't feel good all the time. I've mentioned this before, but over the past couple months it's been proven even more as I've noticed that my career and life are at totally new and different levels. Don't get me wrong, this all feels amazing…but it's ALL new things and quite honestly, it's a bit overwhelming and scary. There is so much that I don't know about where I'm at and I've come to the realization that I need to be OK with that.

“Allow yourself to be where you're at. Allow yourself to be a beginner.”

This mucky, but glorious spot means more growth is on the horizon. Nothing is ever as it seems and there is always a period of adjustment. Welcome it and enjoy the ride. All those moments that feel awkward and clunky as hell? Embrace them.

“Find the lesson in the resistance.”

Sure, we could stay at the same level year after year, but deep down your spirit doesn't want that. It craves growth and your life has unlimited levels to achieve. I mean could you imagine staying at the exact same level for the rest of your life? Me neither.

Don't forget, this isn't a race. Even if it feels like you're not moving, or you feel too busy or things are coming and going in your life – be grateful for all of it. Everything is happening for you and you will not miss what was meant for you. Every moment has a purpose, whether it's to clear space, slow you down or take you to the next level.

Root yourself in the present moment, shift your perspective and find the lesson in it. Believe that everything that is for you will find its way to you – and it will.

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