Episode 208: The Real Life Cycle – Feel, Reframe, Repeat

Last week, I had the privilege of traveling to Guatemala as part of Pencils of Promise, an organization that's committed to building sustainable schools. And wow, what a life-shifting and world-changing trip. I thought I was already rooted in gratitude, but this trip really grounded me and made me even more grateful for everything.

Pure transparency, this trip didn't come at an ideal time with my crazy schedule. But it actually turned out to be THE perfect time for me to get a major (and much-needed) perspective shift and reframe.

Upon returning, I found myself grateful for the sidewalk, clean water, my bed, but especially my cup of coffee – you name it! In the village where we stayed, they literally grow their own coffee beans, pick them, roast them and then brew their cup. This particular village has only had electricity for five years and most have homes with dirt floors. How often do we all tend to take these things for granted? Some of the things we worry about are so small when you look at other parts of the world. My advice:

“Choose what you're going to hold tight near and dear to your heart. And choose what you're going to let go of.”

There is so much that doesn't matter. Choose to focus on the people you love and get more love out into the world. Focus on giving back, spreading your message and doing what you love so you can make YOUR impact on the world.

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