Episode 210: How to Navigate the Puzzle Pieces of Life

In a recent Instagram post, I shared how life was a lot like buying something from IKEA. You ask for something and you receive it, but it's nothing like you expected. It comes in pieces, there are no directions and oh, your dog ate the instructions. So now you have to figure out how to make something out of this mess. It's time to get resourceful.

Life is much the same. Every day you're thrown a new obstacle – whether it's relationships, love or business – that you must navigate through. You build the skills as you go – and more than likely crash and burn a couple of times – but you learn what works and what doesn't. These challenges aren't obstacles, they're lessons and it's our job to figure out what they are.

I'm right in the middle of a huge “IKEA delivery.” So many pieces, with zero direction and I don't know which end is up. Can you relate? I've once again had to allow myself to be a beginner and create a new process as I go. It's rocky, but I've learned that I can let myself to kick, scream and cry so long as I'm putting in the time and work. There's a TON of lessons being learned and I know I will use them moving forward.

“Obstacles are here to serve me, not break me down.”

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