Episode 212: How to Build a Tribe That Takes You to the Next Level

Now that my book is available for pre-order, I am over the moon excited to talk a bit more about it and the journey it's taken me on so far. First of all, I've always felt there was a book inside me waiting to be shared with the world, I just didn't know when and I certainly didn't know how it would happen.

It may come as shock to some that I've been working on this book for nearly four years now, but after many rejections, the publishing company that I wished for accepted my proposal and offered me the exact amount I had envisioned. The rejections were hard, but I only needed one yes, and I had faith that it would come.

“When we continue to choose faith, it's going to show up in a completely different way thank you expect.”

But once my book proposal was accepted and we talked timelines, I did the unthinkable. I scrapped everything I'd written and started over. I knew so much more than what I initially wrote about and knew that this book was going to be a launch pad for a bigger movement. The book title, A Tribe Called Bliss, hit me like a lightning bolt on a plane ride home from a getaway with my husband. I knew, without a doubt, the message my book was meant to tell.

So here it is: we are not meant to do this all alone. We need to surround ourselves with a tribe that up-levels our lives, but also supports us and holds us accountable to our goals. But after many years of unknowingly searching for this tribe, I know it's not an easy task. And that's where this book comes in. I walk you through how to build your own tribe, step by step, and provide you with scripts and talking points to help you and your tribe reach your highest potential. There will be bumps along the way, but I've also included tips to help you remedy them.

It is my hope that you all grab a copy of this book and invite others to join you. I can only imagine the energy that will be pulsing through the universe when women do this together. I know firsthand that I would be lost without the support and encouragement I have in mine.

“It takes a tribe to build a tribe.”

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