Episode 220: The Key to Unlocking Your Bliss

Today I talk about being authentic as it’s one of the most important things you can follow throughout your lives. But for a lot of us, we find ourselves struggling to attract and connect with the people who we want to connect with. Personally, I discovered later on that it was because I wasn’t showing up fully as myself.

I didn’t want others to see that I was anything but “fine” because I didn’t want to be a burden. Instead, to receive much-needed validation, I constantly put myself in the role of fixer and peacekeeper. So in order to start showing my true self, I had to get vulnerable and share more of myself to others (something I still have to make an effort to do).

“If we don’t risk vulnerability and rejection, we will never actually have authentic connections.”

It won’t always go well, but when you take the risk, you leave yourself open to attract a tribe of people who will act as a safety net for you when you do face your fears. In my book, A Tribe Called Bliss, Be Authentic is one of 7 sacred agreements to creating relationships (I read an excerpt from the book during this episode).

Becoming authentic is actually following your joy and what lights you up. When we’re not following that it often has to do with the relationships we’re in. And sometimes we have to weed out the inauthentic relationships that are keeping us tied to the version of ourselves that we think we should show up as.

“You can’t be seen if you’re not showing up fully you.”

It’s time to get vulnerable and take risks and peel back all the layers of the real you. By doing this you’re able to attract your own tribe and attract all the people you’re meant to attract. Put simply:

“Stop trying to fit in and start trying to be more YOU.”

Imagine the incredibly powerful shift and movement we can all make with we join forces for good that cannot be stopped. I’m so excited to get this shift started on May 8!

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