Episode 222: Upgrade Your Meltdowns

Yes, you read this episode’s title correctly – I’m talking about meltdowns today. I’m owning the fact that I’ve had a few more than normal lately and I want you to know that you’re entitled to have them, too.

“Meltdowns are healthy – don’t resist them.”

Right now, as you’ve heard, I’ve got a lot of amazing things happening, but all of these things are pushing me right to the edge. It’s a lot like feeling like a pressure cooker. The stress builds and builds and I feel like I’m going to burst! And… sometimes I do and that’s OK!

As a matter of fact, after my magical Bliss Project event both my husband and I had meltdowns at the end of our short two-day recharge. After we had them though, we felt better. And it’s because we allowed ourselves to move through our emotions!

Here’s where the upgrade comes in… You can have a downward spiral, but find the good in it! Don’t let it get out of control to the point where all you’re looking for is the bad. Have the meltdown, but find some good in it by making sure to have a solution-based conversation after – either with a friend, family member or co-worker.

I’m not going to lie. Different seasons of your life are going to require EVERYTHING you’ve got and it’s going to feel like it’s never-ending. You’ll likely want to throw the towel in and fly to a remote island. But it won’t always be this way. I promise if you keep going, you will make it to the other side.

So, what will make you feel better or more in control in the present moment? Whatever it is, do that. Just make sure that you’re getting super intentional by creating the time and space to recharge. And of course, having that full-out ugly cry will certainly help every now and then, too!

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