Episode 224: Why Contradicting Yourself Is Good for Your Growth

Today I’m talking about being a living, breathing, walking paradox. As we all grow and evolve, there’s likely been at least a handful of times where you’ve felt this way. You’ve thought you were on the right path, but suddenly something just doesn’t feel right to you. It’s like your favorite jacket. You wear it all the time, but suddenly you just don’t like it anymore. You need a change so you try a new jacket on for size.

“If you’re growing and evolving, change is a part of you.”

When resistance like this rears up, you have a choice – either keep resisting and take zero action for it, or lean in to discover what part of your authentic truth comes out. It is so freeing!

During this episode, I read a short excerpt from A Tribe Called Bliss, about my own paradoxical truths that I’ve discovered and allowed to free me. We are all multi-faceted people. We don’t need to be ONE thing. One of my paradox examples is being humble yet powerful and confident.

It feels super awkward at first and trust me, it took (and still takes) a lot of work to let these contradictions show though. But you’re only stifling your true authentic self. Share your opinions and in turn share your value with others.

What’s a paradox in your life that you can step into, own and celebrate? Even the smallest things count as big ones.

“Contradict your way to clarity.”

You will feel the most you’ve ever felt and invite more amazing people into your life who are doing the same.

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