Episode 226: Make RESETTING Your Energy a Priority

I’ll be honest…With my book releasing in a matter of weeks, it’s been really easy to become overwhelmed with all the tactical stuff and let my thoughts be led by fear. As a result, I’ve been literally praying for a reset. And, today wouldn’t you know, my prayers were answered.

I’ve had back-to-back podcasts scheduled this week and I was resisting my interview with Sarah Centrella… not because I didn’t want to talk with her, but because I had so many others things going on. I pushed through this resistance though and wow, am I glad I did. It was smack-dab in the middle of our conversation when I realized that this was the exact message and conversation about manifestation that I needed to help me reset and connect back to my why. It is always a mixture of work + magic, miracles, fear, leaning in etc.

So now I’m back on my path and fully committed to blazing trails for all those right now who need the support of like-minded women with the help of my book, A Tribe Called Bliss. We need to remember to always circle back to make sure we’re connected to our why, and if we’re not we must use the tools that will get us there.

“Support your soul and that will support everything in your life.”

Remember, you are not in this alone and when you’re struggling don’t forget to use your tools or reach out to someone who you know will help you reset your energy back into strength and love.

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