Episode 230: Have You Ever Thought “There’s Got to Be More?”

As I said before, I’m sharing excerpts from A Tribe Called Bliss up until the release of it and today I’m reading a section called, “There’s Got to Be More.” And it’s all about confronting the thing(s) that are in the way of living in your purpose. It was a perfect part to call out as I practiced exactly what I talked about, and I experienced a new level of clarity as a result.

“The things we need to confront will not stop eating at us until we confront them or live in our purpose.”

From the start of publishing my book, I knew I had a responsibility to share/address some things with my family before it came out in regard to my feelings. So I set an intention to have a conversation with my mom and come from the most loving, compassionate place and do my best not to hurt her or any other family member in the process.

Great news – the call was a success and we were able to clear the energy and open up opportunities for something deeper. Why do I share this? Because I’m on a path to share what’s helping me in the moment – and today was one of those moments. It’s not always easy, but that’s what you get from my quickies – real, raw and vulnerable. All in the hopes that it helps you and helps you step into your purpose.

Cannot wait to see you on the book tour or in our book club!

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