Episode 235: How to Replace Your Habits to Connect with Your Higher Purpose

I am in awe when it comes to the resilience of the human spirit and body, and today’s guest, Tara Mackey, just reaffirms my belief. With a tumultuous childhood that lead to a drug prescription at the young age of 13 subsequent prescriptions thereafter, it’s not surprising that Tara once came close to ending her own life. However, seven years ago, she finally realized that the help she sought didn’t come in an orange bottle or from the people who she’d allowed into her life. She knew the drugs (and diagnoses) were holding her back and as a result, she quit all 14 drugs cold-turkey (she doesn’t advise this method) and hasn’t looked back since.

Tara now takes pride in educating others to get off drugs and even more in helping people recognize what’s holding them back and then guiding them to create new habits that propel them forward. I resonate so deeply with Tara’s message as she also truly believes that we all are put on this planet with a purpose. And once we’re able to pinpoint the habits that are holding us back we can then create replacement habits and finally tap into our own intuition and purpose. Tara’s new book, “WILD Habits,” even walks you through the steps to do just that.

I think everyone will relate on some level to this episode and I can’t wait to hear all of the takeaways from this episode and her soon-to-be-released book.

Question Highlights:
• What do you do now and how did you get started on that path?
• At what point did your intuition start talking to you and tell you to do something different?
• What were some of the most influential experiences in your life that got you to those moments?
• Can you explain what you mean when you say “numb?”
• What do you share with people around what it really looks like when you step into the journey of your purpose?
• Growing up, were there influences in your life that sparked a feeling of purpose and reminded you of who you were?
• What were some of your labels and how did you get over them?
• Do you have any labels now that have come with success that hold you up to some expectation?
• How do we change out our habits and what does that look like?
• How do we begin to make the space to follow the WILD Method steps?
• What was your focus for energy in your book?
• Do you believe everyone on the planet has a purpose?

“I wanted help but help hadn’t come in the form of orange bottles or the people that I had let in.”

“We numb because we’re afraid of living up to our full potential.”

“Focus on adding up the moments that bring us joy because that brings us closer to who we truly are.”

“People will know you as whatever you do in that moment.”

“It’s not weird that you’re changing and growing all the time.”

“If you’re not moving your body other things get stagnant.”

“Become more conscious of why you’re doing what you’re doing.”

Tara Mackey is the best-selling author of Cured by Nature, a soul singer and global motivational speaker. She is the Founder and CEO of The Organic Life, recognized as one of the Healthiest Companies of the Year. Tara has been honored as Woman of the Year and named one of San Diego’s Most Admired CEOs of 2017. Mackey travels the world as an activist, inspiring people to make bold and brave moves, take actions to live their dreams and create a more sustainable and empowered world.

Her next book, WILD Habits: Unlock Your Mind, Improve Your Health and Release Your True Power (SelectBooks, Inc. May 8, 2018) shares all of the specific mental practices and natural home remedies Tara uses in her own life for a healthy spirit, mind, and body.

Tara studied biology and worked as an MLT at Cornell before moving to California in 2011 to pursue her passions in health, acting and music. Tara began her blog and company, The Organic Life, in 2012 to share her wellness journey. Mackey’s bohemian spirit, talent and drive has generated a booming, engaged and inspired following. After receiving inquiries from
her devoted followers for her picks for organic and healthy skincare products, Tara launched Genetix in November 2017.

Tara’s work, journey and life has been featured by Forbes, Teen Vogue, Glamour Magazine, Yoga Digest, Byrdie, Readers Digest, Woman’s Day, ABC, Fox, The CW, PIX, MSN, Mental Floss, San Diego Business Journal, Essence Magazine, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Well + Good, Livestrong, Brides Magazine and many more.

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