Episode 236: This Is Stopping You from Having the Friends and Relationships You Want

I am still feeling the energy of my first book tour stop last night at Wanderlust in West Hollywood. I can’t even begin to describe the energy that filled that room. And if you were there last night, thank you so much for being there and for supporting me and my book. The event was proof that this book really is creating a new way to connect, support and see each other and ourselves in a whole new light.

Can I tell you a crazy story about this particular venue? Four years ago, before this book was even a glimmer in my eye, I was there for Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie book launch. I had a lot of fear going into this event, and felt as though I wasn’t “good enough” to hang around this group of people – but I remember also being super excited and happy to be there. Long story short, it was amazing and I found myself sitting on the floor and dreaming of the day I held my own book launch event there. Let’s just say it’s quite clear that manifestation works!

This book tour stop (and I anticipate all the others will feel the same way) reaffirmed that all women are looking for deeper connections with female friends. People are done with the games of jealousy, comparison and fear, and are ready to create authentic connections. Everyone is eager to take their relationships from superficial to deep in order to create the safety net we all so desperately need.

I hope I get to see you at one of my upcoming stops for even more magical connections! And regardless if you’re able to attend, if you love my book or this podcast and feel called to do so, I would be so grateful if you shared my book with other women. My goal is still a million tribes and I can’t do it without you!

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